This is a holding page for some of the resources that were held on the old site and we’re not quite sure what to do with them yet!

Timing and Pacing Card Creator.

All you need to do is put your rate of pacing in this Excel file and print it off! Feel free to use it for personal use, or if you want to print them off for courses. Providing you leave the credit to Walk Eryri on the card. If you don’t have Excel, then open office (free) will open the file.

A printable list of the WASHIS – basically a list of all the significant hills over 600m in Wales. There’s a few shocks in there, including a few of the 15 peaks missing because there’s very little reascent between them and their taller neighbours. If you read the hill list article below, then you’ll know where I’m coming from on this. If not, then the list includes an explanation. The acrobat file is designed to print, the even pages are upside down as that’s the only way i could get them to print on my duplex printer. To view on-screen, download this version. Either version can be printed double sided and then folded over to produce a neat little A5 booklet.

The Excel Mountain Leader and Walking Log Book This is a useful little file that allows you to log your mountain days for Mountain Leader log book purposes, or just as a normal walking log. With credit to Paul Cummings for the original spreadsheet which I then adapted into a new log-book. Feel free to use this as you will. I do have a new version that counts ascents for major hill types, your speed on various mountain ranges, and so on. It needs polishing off before putting on here, but if you fancy a look contact me and I’ll pop you a copy. I’m hoping to get around to finishing it off, but any other excel experts out there are welcome to finish the job for me!

More Mountain Leader Resources on this page, where Paul Cummings gives an account of his experience. There’s a few pages on Mud and Routes about my experience as well. I never got around to writing up the assessment, I was too exhausted! All that needs saying is that I passed and can navigate in the dark, but don’t trust me to use a rope.

Here’s a list of Long Distance Footpaths in Snowdonia – We’re not sure if the links still work in this article and it will soon be depreciated, rewritten and republished in an up to date format on the Mud and Routes site with maps and everyhink.

Nuttalls, Lists and Metric Mountains. Here’s a semi rant about the use of imperial milestones (aka 2000 feet) in Metric. Again, this is one to be rewritten and republished on Mud and Routes. Not ones to criticise without offering a solution ourselves, we then went on to create the definitive list of Welsh 600m peaks – the Washis. 

The Ten Routes up Snowdon Map was one of the most popular pages on the site. That inspired us to create a site just about Snowdon, and keep the rest on Walk Eryri.

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