Ok, to start off, i’m a relative newcomer to this group, though I was posting on and off to some groups back in 1997, so I have experience of newsgroups. The uk.rec.walking (URW for short) is a walking Usenet newsgroup, though that you may have guessed already. The FAQ (frequently asked questions – always useful to find for a group) sets out what the newsgroup is about.

The general advice for a newsgroup is to ‘lurk’ for a while, that is to read posts without contributing yourself. This allows you to get a feel for what the group is like, familiarise yourself with recent topics (called threads) so you don’t go asking advice on the SuperFlamethrowerUltralight stove, just after the group have been discussing it the month before. Of course, you can ask specific questions that the original thread didn’t quite cover or explain fully enough for you. Oh yes, and make sure your posts are on topic. Generally speaking it isn’t a good idea to go onto a walking website and start asking questions about why your PC doesn’t work. On the other hand, people do post Off Topic, but the title of the thread is always preceded by OT.

This page here is essentially a help page for Usenet. It is quite full, and most questoins you might have will be here. Another useful page is this one. Allowing you to understand postings such as:

AFAIC what Jones said was TIC. PMFJI but you lot should PMIGBOM! And OATUS , ISTR said protaganist ROTFLOL when he was last told to RTFAQ!

SCNR ;-))

Nex time we get a TSOHF, IMHO , we should ask, AWGTHTGTATA ?

Don’t worry, most posts are written in sensible English. With the occasional acronym thrown in, and you may well be familiar with them already.


Well, thats a bit of an intro, you need to know how to get onto newsgroups next.

Option 1 (simplest) go to Google groups, uk.rec.walking. And if you have a MAC then the only suggestion I can offer. If you have Linux installed, then you probably know more than me anyway.

Option 2. Set up Outlook Express to read news, click on the link to find out how. The only change you need to do is to input the name of your own news server. If you don’t know it, contact your ISP and they should help. Many people don’t like the software, but I’m merely suggesting it as it’s very likely you have it installed already.

Option 3. Install a 3rd party Newsreader, and you can see there are loads.

Remember, this is just a brief introduction to newsgroups and how to get onto them.

Dave Roberts

18th February 2005

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